On the road to Knoxville…

I'm heading to Knoxville later this week for our Friday screening at the film festival.

See this link for details. http://www.childrenofinternment.com/?p=935

If you are able to make it, make sure to come up to me before or after the show and introduce yourself. I'm going to be all by myself and lonely since Kristina can't be there – lol.

This may very well be our last film festival for the project and we hope to have a good turnout.

If you need to reach me, my email is joecrump@joecrump.com

We are also getting ready to announce an airing on television in the near future – AND we will have the DVD for sale on our website and on Amazon in the near future as well.

See you in Tennessee!

Joe Crump

Downtown Knoxville


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