Children of Internment Trailer - 1 minute version

Children Of Internment – DVD

Kristina Wagner (Director) & Joe Crump (Director)

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Running Time: 84 min.

Thousands of German families were interned by the United States during World War II. They were taken from their homes and schools, denied 'due process' and imprisoned in 200+ detention camps throughout the United States and Latin America. 'Children of Internment' tells their riveting story using live interviews with those who were interned, family photographs and historical footage.

Five years before Pearl Harbor, J. Edgar Hoover had begun to compile the notorious 'ABC list' over concerns of national security. It was originally aimed at Communists, Fascists, and Nazis. By the end of 1939, it had evolved into hysteria directed at German, Italian and Japanese aliens. Their allegiance to the country was questioned, regardless of how long they had lived in the United States.

It is a common misperception that only Japanese-Americans were interned during WWII. The German-American wartime experience remains largely overlooked by historians and generally unknown to most Americans.

Nearly 11,000 German aliens were interned and tens of thousands more suffered illegal searches and seizures, interrogation,family separation, and deportation.

The taking away of freedom with the excuse that doing so is vital to national security, was an issue then and continues to be an issue today.

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