Public Screening For Children Of Internment

A lot of folks have been asking us about public screenings of the film. While the film is being submitted to film festivals this year we are not allowed to have any public screenings - only private ones. We want to follow the rules of all our film festival submissions. We'll keep you updated on dates and times. We WILL be releasing it for public screenings as soon as we can and we are excited that so many of you are interested in seeing it. Thank you for all your love and support. Kristina Read More >>

A Government That Manipulates With Fear – By Kristina Wagner

Nativism has always been a driving a force in America, but it was during WWI that the government established the precedent of manipulating nativist fears as a way of clamping down on civil liberties and curtailing dissent. During WWI anyone who opposed the war, for whatever reason, was synonymous with disloyalty and even sedition. Creating fear and then exploiting that fear, the government used the "threat" of all dissenters to justify a larger crackdown on civil liberties. Both legal Read More >>

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Children of Internment in the News!

Here are some recent interviews and articles written about the film. Read More >>