Our CSUN – screening

Detained In America: The Selective Relocation of German-Americans and German Aliens During WWII, was the original title of my final paper in 2011 at California State University Northridge. Last week, October 9, 2014 we screened, 'Children Of Internment', the film version of this paper I wrote for CSUN.

I originally wrote about this topic because I felt that, like the Japanese-Americans of WWII, many German-Americans were not given the protection that is granted to Americans under the Constitution. I think it is important to acknowledge German alien internment because the Alien Enemy Control Program (AECP) which began in 1936, was the precursor to what happened to Japanese-American citizens.

Last week our panelists at the film screening included John Christgau, Sigrid B. Toye, Charles McCollister, Joe and myself.

It came as no surprise that the CSUN students were engaged and asked us good questions about America's internment program of WWII and it's relevance today.

Thanks CSUN for the opportunity for me to share this extended story of internment with your community.