The media gets German Internment wrong…

Tom Brokaw wrote in his book, The Greatest Generation, Random House, Inc, New York. (p 216)

                Italian and German aliens living in California coastal areas were ordered to move in early 1942 but by June of that year this order had been rescinded and there was no major relocation for those groups. Italian and German immigrants were picked up and questions closely; they may have had some uncomfortable moments during the war, but they retained all their rights. Not so for the Japanese Americans.

                Our film gives voice to some of the German Americans and German Aliens that were interned, detained, suspected, deported, and repatriated. The Italians were suspected and relocated and a few detained. Presidential Proclaimations 2525, 2526, 2527 branded German, Italian and Japanese Nationals as enemy aliens, authorizing internment and travel and property ownership restrictions. This was more than uncomfortable. By Dec 10, 1941, 449 Japanese, German, and Italian aliens were interned as well as 43 German, Japanese and Italian American citizens.


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  1. Kristina, Thank u for setting the record straight! So important that history, especially tragic history, be reported correctly! I look fwd to your doc!!

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