Screening At The Chinese Theater

We did it. We had our first private screening of Children Of Internment at the Chinese Theater. It was an honor to host the evening for the cast and internees that  gave us incredible interviews for the project. A very special thank you to all of them. I would also like to thank the family and friends who also joined us in a full auditorium. After the final credits we had a sip of peppermint schnapps and then went to the Wirtshaus restaurant on La Brea Ave. in Hollywood for some schnitzel. Read More >>

Public Screening For Children Of Internment

A lot of folks have been asking us about public screenings of the film. While the film is being submitted to film festivals this year we are not allowed to have any public screenings - only private ones. We want to follow the rules of all our film festival submissions. We'll keep you updated on dates and times. We WILL be releasing it for public screenings as soon as we can and we are excited that so many of you are interested in seeing it. Thank you for all your love and support. Kristina Read More >>

A Government That Manipulates With Fear – By Kristina Wagner

Nativism has always been a driving a force in America, but it was during WWI that the government established the precedent of manipulating nativist fears as a way of clamping down on civil liberties and curtailing dissent. During WWI anyone who opposed the war, for whatever reason, was synonymous with disloyalty and even sedition. Creating fear and then exploiting that fear, the government used the "threat" of all dissenters to justify a larger crackdown on civil liberties. Both legal Read More >>

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Children of Internment in the News!

Here are some recent interviews and articles written about the film. Read More >>

Private Screening At The Chinese Theater


To Cast, Crew and their Families, We are excited to announce that we finally have a private screening planned for the 86 minute long documentary film, Children Of Internment. It is taking place on Monday, January 27, 2014 at 5:00 p.m. at the famous Grauman's Chinese Theater, now called the TCL Chinese Theatres. We are inviting everyone who was in the film or helped us put it together. You can also bring your family. We have room for 174 people and since everyone involved is scattered Read More >>

The media gets German Internment wrong…

Tom Brokaw wrote in his book, The Greatest Generation, Random House, Inc, New York. (p 216)                 Italian and German aliens living in California coastal areas were ordered to move in early 1942 but by June of that year this order had been rescinded and there was no major relocation for those groups. Italian and German immigrants were picked up and questions closely; they may have had some uncomfortable moments Read More >>

Richard Santos – In Memoriam

My friend, Richard G. Santos, passed away in his sleep February 22, 2013, in Pearsall, TX. I first met him in the fall of 2011. I had begun my senior thesis for college when he introduced me to many of the internees that we have been lucky enough to interview for the Children of Internment film. The "voice" of the German internees was a huge part of his agenda as a historian. I have attached an email he sent to me on his recollection of two incidents at the First National Reunion of the Read More >>

Kristina’s Interview on Access Hollywood Live – Video

You can read about it on the Access Hollywood Live website here: On Wednesday, February 27th, I made a brief appearance on Access Hollywood Live. The showed a 1 minute clip from the Children of Internment documentary during my interview with them regarding General Hospital's 50th Anniversary. A special thanks to AHL's Segment Producer, Anthony Ramos for allowing us to convey this very important topic on their show.   Read More >>

Pictures and a Summary of the Vonnegut Library Event

The panel discussion of Internees yesterday at the Vonnegut Library in Indianapolis was fascinating. It was a pleasure to meet Francis Ott Allen and Al Wohlpart and his wife Pam at the event. Along with Eberhard and Anneliese, their stories of Internment moved the audience. We also screened our trailer for the group. All four of these folks were interned in Crystal City, Texas during WWII. The summary below was written by Anneliese Krauter. ~ On January 26th, 2013, four of us former internees Read More >>